Dear Brown Bois and Supporters,

We are excited to open applications for our March (2-6th) and June (8th-12th) Brown Boi Project Leadership Retreats. These retreats work to build leadership, economic self-sufficiency, and health of young masculine of center womyn, trans men, and straight/queer men of color. Please note that the application will be open until Monday,January 24th. After that folks will need to sign up for our listserv to receive the fall application.

August 2010 - Retreat Day 2

The Brown Boi Project Leadership Retreats are designed for young leaders (35 and under) that have fewer than 7 years of experience in their field and are looking to reinforce their potential with a strong foundation of skills and self-awareness.

If you are accepted into the program the BBP will cover your travel, food, and lodging expenses so that you can join us.


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